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Life can be challenging Involvement with the police through an arrest often seems to be an insurmountable maze of arbitrary actions by powerful forces who seem uninterested in answering questions or providing assistance.

Family life can be a whirlwind of changes that bring a wrecking ball to all of the aspects of our lives that we thought were settled and happy.

The legal process can be a challenging experience for anyone, even those who have been through a Courthouse door on prior occasions.

Our goal is to provide information, guidance and aggressive representation to those in need. 

Our approach is not limited to merely standing beside our client on his or her Court day our involvement seeks to provide resources that help deal with underlying situations that impact on a clients legal affairs.


Our focus

    Alan Winik, Stephen LeRoux and Carin Golze concentrate on criminal defense, family law and adoptions, primarily serving clients in Frederick County.  They provide representation in every aspect of the criminal justice process, from administrative proceedings at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, from speeding tickets through felony jury trials.


    We are lawyers who are in Court daily and work diligently to attempt to take the anxiety out of the process for our clients.


    Clients can see us in the evening and on weekends we believe that folks should not have to miss work or school in order to consult with an attorney.  We are regular visitors to incarcerated clients and arrange to accept calls from clients who are in detention facilities.


    Our business cards include our personal cell phone numbers and email addresses.  

    Although we rely on our paralegal, you will meet with Alan, Stephen and Carin and you can always reach your attorneys!