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     Any domestic issue can be difficult on people, whether it be separation, divorce, custody of children, or a protective order.  The lawyers at LeRoux & Winik are here to help you navigate the cumbersome and confusing legal system.

     Most divorce litigation begins with a separation.  If you are thinking about ending your marriage or you and your spouse have talked about beginning a period of separation, you may want to contact our lawyers so they may explain to you what your rights are.

     Sometimes domestic issues begin with a protective order, often times referred to as a restraining order.  While these hearings may seem simple, they are not.  Courts can grant custody and establish family maintenance, within a few days of an incident.  So it is important that if an incident has occurred, or if you have been served with protective order paperwork, you should contact our office immediately.

     Divorce can be relatively simple, or it can get complicated quickyOur lawyers can break down the issues for you, whether it be the grounds for the divorce, the custody of the children, or the division of the marital property.

      By far, most people would say that custody is the most important aspect of family law.  The lawyers at LeRoux & Winik represent both fathers and mothers, and can explain what custody it is and the kinds of custody arrangements that make sense for your family.

      In addition to the substantive law, our attorneys can explain to you the procedural aspects of domestic law. Our approach has always been to attempt to resolve cases with as little acrimony and cost to the clients as possible.

     Our attorneys know whether mediation is appropriate and who the good mediators are, but they recognize that sometimes people need their day in Court.

     If you or a loved one find themselves in a domestic issue, contact our office and schedule an appointment immediately.